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Message Subject I tried the 'raw food diet' to get healthy - Holy Crap!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Lastly, as to the oxalate problem.. it might not even be an issue. There are some that propose that oxolate in it's natural raw 'organic' form is not a problem at all. but it's still good to have vitamin C to be sure.

Citric acid from lemon juice counter acts phytase. So sprout with lemon juice.
 Quoting: bannedfornoreason

took me forever to find a vitamin c that wasn't acidic (*vitamin c is not recommended for people with adrenal fatigue due to its acidity). I am now using sodium ascorbate (alkaline form)with no fillers and I love it. Caffeine addiction is a bitch so I just do my best to keep it under control. But I like to drink and smoke too so not trying to be anyone elses picture of health just want to have fun and not die a miserable death while doing it, so moderation is the answer for me. I dont have any desire to cut out my drinking, smoking and caffeine but I did stop drinking alcohol and caffeine until I got my adrenals back in control and then seriously reduced my coffee consumption (yes, I know its the worst but I freakin love it)

*I put those little tidbits of info in there for other readers that may not be aware but are interested in the info
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