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i wish you all the best of luck with whats coming and what already is and has ben but i fell that humanity as a whole is like a

Anonymous Coward
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United States
08/05/2012 11:15 AM
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i wish you all the best of luck with whats coming and what already is and has ben but i fell that humanity as a whole is like a
child that wont shape up and heed lessons of past faults and and now our time is slipping farther away from our grasp of a proper fix and the child knows it and is now freaking out so who's who in the blame game who knows and who cares and yes out of all this turmoil that we go through there are those who profit off it just look no further than leaders not your leaders but those who liken themselves to leaders they fool themselves and of all these strange awkward feelings of what the fuck is the point of even living on we have those who just fuckin thrive in it even to the point of acting its not sickining to me its not evil any more its just fuckin weird it doesnt make since and oh by the way fuck the NWO just so you know where i stand on that one

how can any one stand up to this retarded system and its greedy corrupted fals owners and even if they did and they won and changed those people would soon die and new evil would just slowly trickle in again like always this is why i feel that we are in for a great cleansing or a great awakening very soon or both at the same time two differant pathes at once so get in line wich way you goin and that means to me the next life because this life on this planet is like one big greyhound bus station oh and also you all should know by now that you never realy die i mean ya you will die or this bodie will die however we now know that we are essentually just energy right and we all know that energy does not ever die it just transforms or moves on endlessly
my honest advice just chill out do good for the sake of good help people out and dont freak out but we dont want and shouldnt have to get trodden under also allong the way this is because of evil greedy power hungry peices of shit that have corrupted their own souls just tp please their flesh but flesh always dies so they have not taken the time to build up any spirit or any good ole soul you know what i mean ? i actualy feel sorry for those people who have become so inwardly corrupted that they dont deserve any thing in the next phase of life they are realy going to miss out all because they wanted to be like a spoiled little child and feed only flesh now thats not to say that the little children i metaphorically compare these people to are evil because little children are innoscent so be like a little child but with the since of a grown up and that doesnt mean make a falls public fake ass act out of it go to the core of yourself dig deep down look at your problems face them and strike them down and conqure them admit them to yourself tell yourself you can and not that you cant

good luck all of you