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Message Subject Who is the true Freemasonic King? THE TRUTH IS HERE!
Poster Handle HEYLEL
Post Content
Heylel. Here is a hint from Jewish Values Online...The King will be a man who will carry on after King Solomon and create Utopia and Worldwide peace.

Light is an important symbol in both Freemasonry and Judaism.
Contrast the holiday of Chanukah with the use of light in Masonry, where it represents the Divine spirit, religious freedom, and rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem and of the spiritual Temple within us all.

* One of the fundamental symbols of Masonry is the Temple of Solomon and the Second Temple, which also figured as the central part of the Jewish religion. King Solomon, one of the greatest figures in Jewish history, is also one of the most important figures in Masonic rituals.

Hello Apollo and thanks for the information.

My thoughts are that King Solomon was Charlemagne and the Grand Master of the Temple of Solomon of this 6th age. Hi-Ram would be his Grand Preceptor and also the Grand Architect. You cannot have one without the other and you cannot build a temple without the rite backing and living stones to create the Utopia and Worldwide peace you speak of.

Hence, sooner or later the Messiah card will have to be played by the Brotherhood on the true King.

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