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Message Subject Who is the true Freemasonic King? THE TRUTH IS HERE!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Heylel, Im here online but quiet cause Im coming down with something. A cold or flu..

I feel exhausted and spent straightening out all the mythologies, esp of Lucifer past five years. It will soon be time to step out of mythologies and into the real. The Jewish nation will receive their Moshiach soon and time is of essence for world watch..This is the code of the Maimonides and Midrashic sources.

Here is a prayer that the Jewish people say daily, Shemoneh Esrei

"Speedily cause the scion of David your servant to flourish . May your eyes see your return to Zion with Mercy."

A real man will step on the scene, Flesh and blood and he will be called a redeemer. I dont know his name, no one does. He stands behind the lattice as they say..
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