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Message Subject Who is the true Freemasonic King? THE TRUTH IS HERE!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Do you have a social security number? Yes, you may be a spiritual loser and maybe you should listen to me so you become a spiritual winner.
 Quoting: HEYLEL

Yea the shackles from the social security number are holding me down and leaving my wrists and ankles injured. Such a tough life as a slave. I worked in the fields all day today for no wages while I was bonded in chains. Poor slave I am.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21342671

Yes, it "appears" that we have it much better than the slaves in the past, but that doesn't negate the point that you still are one and yes, we all have to pay our share. I have a social security as well and my life now is a charmed one at that.

I do not mean to make light of what happened to African Americans, but slavery knows no color or race. What you fail to realize is that white people were harshly treated slaves as well.

You have no problem with the poisoning or our water, food and air supply as longs as you have fun and you do not die a fast death or see the whip beating you?
 Quoting: HEYLEL

Yea man, we're all being poisoned to death, people are dropping like flies! lol
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17823756

Actually we are well nourished. As long as one stays away from aspartame laced products. (they sneak it in popsicles now) We are eating better than ever

I shopped at Sprouts and bought four pounds of cherries on sale, Sweetened ginger root for my cold, and Iced tea with leaves picked from a specific island..

Im going to grill some steaks (get beef now while its cheap, its going to go up in price) and chicken after a weekend of fresh sushi and mexican food and I also ate at Chick Fil A to show them my support.

Weve got it good ! Pray it never ends. You dont know how good we have it compared to other countries !
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