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Russian Mogul Soliciting Billionaires to Achieve Immortality

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08/05/2012 08:12 PM
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Russian Mogul Soliciting Billionaires to Achieve Immortality
You want to invest?

Thereís a Russian entrepreneur asking for funding right now. Heís asking for essentially unlimited money. Itís a risky project, but heís sure it can be done. Investors are on the fence, but the ROI may be too good to pass up. The ROI is immortality.
Itís no joke. Dimitri Itskov is head of the 2045 initiative, which he hopes can conquer death once and for all, in just 23 years, via the miracle of modern science.  Itskov is going straight to the richest people in the world for help Ė those with so much money, that they canít hope to spend it all without becoming immortal. He writes in an open letter to the Forbes Billionaire list: