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Nothing EVER happens

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User ID: 11094912
United States
08/06/2012 11:39 AM
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Nothing EVER happens
Ive been lurking for years on this site and occasionaly log in and join the conversation. Without fail , whether its been a week, month or 6 months since I visited, SOMEONE is claiming to have evidence, sources, photos, ect that the shit is hitting the fan, the aliens are here, Nirubu is here, we are going to war, the earth will flood, we are all gonna die ect ect ect....

Now dont get me wrong, I LOVE coming here and getting a good read on, but it really pisses me off that NOTHING ever happens...NONE of your sources are right, NONE of the shit you guys say is gonna happen happens, none none NONE!

Just ONCE I would like to see someone post some real shit that actually HAPPENS...not because I want doom but because it would make this sight alot more fun...back when I first started it was fun because I bought into the stuff...now its like my moms soap operas where you miss 3 years , come back and its the same characters bitching about the same shit that NEVER happpens!

Please someone post some real fucking doom so I can enjoy being suckered in by all the fake doom again.