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Study: Whooping cough outbreak linked to vaccinated children

John 10:22-23

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United States
08/06/2012 05:21 PM

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Study: Whooping cough outbreak linked to vaccinated children
[link to www.digitaljournal.com]

San Rafael - An investigation by California doctors has revealed that the state's latest outbreak of whooping cough centered around children who had already received the whooping cough vaccine, Reuters reports.

The study, led by infectious disease specialist Dr. David Witt, was initiated after an unusually large number of whooping cough cases were admitted to Kaiser Permanente Hospital in San Rafael, California in 2010.
After examining the records of juvenile whooping cough patients over an 8-month period, the doctors discovered that 81 percent of patients had received the full series of whooping cough shots, and 11 percent had received only some of the shots. The remaining 8 percent had not received any immunizations for whooping cough.



Racin​g to end vaccinations.