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India Blackout & Knight Algo: US-India CYBER WAR Over Iranian Oil Purchases in GOLD

Anonymous Coward
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United States
08/06/2012 06:31 PM
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India Blackout & Knight Algo: US-India CYBER WAR Over Iranian Oil Purchases in GOLD
[link to www.silverdoctors.com]


Submitted in English to SD by French analyst Menthalo

A few weeks ago, India defied Washington and circumvented the Iranian trade ban given by the US Empire to trade with Iran by barter: Iranian gas for Indian gold. Doing so, India was playing the monetary policy advocated by China and the rebels to the hegemony of the dollar. The Indian electric breakdown was Washington’s answer .

There are 1000 ways to make war without waking the sheep-like mass.
Israel and the U.S. have developed a series of computer viruses to attack Iranian nuclear power plants. This is not the scenario of a new James Bond, but the real information revealed by the New York Times. According to experts of the “Stuxnet” who developed the virus, this virus’ attack would have to postpone for five years the implementation of Iran’s nuclear program. Moshe Yaalon, Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs acknowledged the facts: “it is justified, for anyone who believes the Iranian threat as a significant threat to take various measures, including this one, to stop it.” Since new viruses have been discovered, “Flame” and recently “Duqu”, both viruses derived from Stuxnet and therefore developed by the same teams.