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What Do You Think This Song Is About?

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United States
08/07/2012 08:19 PM
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What Do You Think This Song Is About?
There have been several theories tossed around, from a brother and sister murdering their abusive father, to sexual abuse, to loss of virginity, to drug use. What do you think it's about?

Here are the lyrics:

green, green thunder and the
loud, loud rain
lead our woes asunder
neath the proud, proud veins
of trains let bleed the gunmen of our
pumping earthly hearts
wean or joys and plunder
peel our shining teeth
bid our hold on happiness

beat weighty tests with lofty cries
lofty cries with trembling thighs
weepy chests with weepy sighs
weepy skin with trembling thighs

you must be hovering over yourself
watching us drip on each other's sides
dear brother collect all the liquids off
of the floor
use your oily fingers
make a paste
let it form

let it seep through your sockets and ears
into your precious ruptured skull
let it seep let it keep you from us
patiently heal you
patiently unreel you