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Brain Speaks using UHF Silent Subliminals or Silent Sound

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08/08/2012 02:20 AM
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Brain Speaks using UHF Silent Subliminals or Silent Sound
These amazing sounds are the backbone of all of top programs on BrainSpeak.com.

Ear tones make similar creations, depends who's behind the programming. Please don't be alarmed, not much you can do about it~

Dr. John David (July 24, 1938 December 8, 1988)

John-David, noted neuroscientist and founder of the John-David Learning Institute in Carlsbad, CA, was a playful genius who drew upon both the logical, linear, clarity and intelligence of his left brain and the intuitive, abstract, and creative vision of his right brain.

His work in sound and subliminal technology established a foundation upon which many have since built developing models for the use of sound as a catalyst in accelerated learning, self-healing, and all levels of brain/mind expansion.
Read more here: [link to brainspeak.com]

[link to brainspeak.com]
Here's a video with tone meditation frequencies

[/youtube] [link to www.youtube.com]