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How Moringa leaves Can Benefit Seniors

I have taken care of the elderly and often they eat little or eat with poor nutrition. Some of it is due to depression and living alone.

Another factor is that they often have problems digesting food or eating because of dental problems. In nursing homes, many are forced into eating baby food because they can't chew at that point. The elderly will often complain they don't feel like eating or only want a small serving of a food.

The use of Moringa powder in a drink can bolster up their nutrition. It has much more nutrition, organic pure nutrition in it than some of the drinks touted for the elderly.

You can put the Moringa powder in applesauce or yogurt as well.

The easiest form is in a smoothie that they can sit and drink.

It is a well know fact that seniors in nursing homes and at home are undernourished and deficient in many vitamins and nutrients. So if you have a loved one who is getting on in years, give them Moringa powder as a beneficial drink to improve their nutrition and well being.

How Moringa leaves Benefit Women

Women have a tough time in life. They work a job and work at home as well. Many women today don't have time, nor the energy to eat properly. Its fast food, junk food, quick boxed meals or convenience foods. They are too tired to cook with good reason. As a result their health suffers putting their life at risk to develop disease and immune system problems such as fibromyalgia and lupus just to name two of them.

How can Moringa leaves help? Moringa is a nutritionally dense food that bolsters your nutrition. Moringa contains highly absorbable calcium, protein, iron, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to make the difference between your eating pattern which are not the best and optimal health, wellness, and energy. Moringa leaves with their dense nutrition, with nutrients easily taken in by the body and utilized, can really help revive energy, vitality, and mental energy. When the body is run down, so does our energy and vitality run down. Fatigue is one of the chief complaints by women who visit their doctors. They are tired...bone tired. If you don't have time to make a Moringa shake, buy the Moringa powder is capsule form and take three in the morning and afternoon to give you a boost. Moringa contains no caffeine naturally so the energy you receive from taking it, is because of the vitamins and minerals the leaves contain. Moringa tea, either cold or hot can really make a difference in your day.

The calcium in Moringa leaves is a beautiful form of Calcium that will be utilized by the body without problems as with milk and dairy products. It is great for vegetarians who do not eat or drink dairy or animal products. The high iron content will also help the vegetarian diet.

Moringa Leaf Powder While Nursing

The use of Moringa when nursing has been shown in studies to be benefited by the use of Moringa leaves. It helps support healthy and abundant breast milk for your babies needs.

Boosting Babies Nutrition

When the child is older, add Moringa powder to your child's baby food. This gives your baby added nutrition, that the processed baby food may not contain.

Do not eat the flowers, bark, or root when pregnant. Do not eat the bark or root unless you have the advice of a herbalist or someone who grew up using the Moringa in their culture. The leaves are the most important part of the tree, and secondly the pods or fruit.

[link to www.moringa4healing.com]
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