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Here's how it's gone for my moringa, starting from seeds.

First I placed the seed about an inch deep into regular potting soil in a 4" diameter pot. (I planted 3 pots like that.)

One seed sprouted really quickly, within a few days. (It's triple digit heat here where I am and has been for weeks and weeks, low humidity, arid at times.)

When they sprout, they look like a little green stalk thing and in the center of the top, you'll see the teeniest little fringy things. After several days, you'll have a fringy baby tree.

Mine is not growing very fast because I think 111 F will stall just about anything that is trying to grow. But it's healthy looking and has leaves. It's about 4 inches tall or so and the fringy branches are 4 inches across in all. This is how you know a plant is healthy, when it is not spindly. It's as broad as it is tall overall, when in the first stages. (Tomatoes are like this, too, even eggplant.)Even tho moringa is a tree, I think this rule applies here during infancy of the tree.

The second one just started today, this is several weeks after the first one. It's got the stalky thing and microscopic fringes in the center of the top of the stalk.

Both trees look like something bit them off when they sprouted, but nothing did, it is how they look. Really strange. Anyone else notice they grow that way, from a stalk with almost nothing on the top? (Maybe I DO have an eater and don't know it.)

We'll see how she does.

Then, the third pot, I didn't have anything. I dug down into it and the moringa seed is popping open and is going to make a plant soon. I think I planted it a tad too deep, but I think all will be well.

Hopefully those of you who are where it is a little milder temps will have faster growth.

I just wanted to post this for those who are trying to start them and hadn't tried it yet, maybe it will help someone here.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17851333

Also, wanted to add that I've treated the baby moringas the same way I would when starting any other plant. Plenty of water for the new baby, I give them a good soaking every day due to extreme heat, but just keep the soil damp and you should be fine.

I have kept my pots in lots of sunlight since I planted the seeds. I didn't try to plant in the shade and then harden them off.

I will be transplanting soon and when I do that, since the plant will be in some shock from moving the roots around, I will put it into a bigger pot with potting soil (regular cheap stuff I use for everything) and will put it in the shade for a couple of days so it can establish itself, then harden it off with sunlight after that.

Needs lots of sun. I've also been reading that it makes a good indoor potted plant. I would assume in front of a sunny window, if you are in a cold climate.
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