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Riding the Solar Flare Charged Dream.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
08/08/2012 02:11 PM
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Riding the Solar Flare Charged Dream.
This is my first time I have ever done this opening up and all but I felt that its time and itís here I will do this. I channel naturally and have done so since I was young. My first dream as a child was unforgettable it was at night the moon lite the area of the canyon. Set on the edge was a swing there I was being pushed calmly by a cold unfamiliar hand with each push I was closer to the moon. Every time I turned around I was too scared to look at this person. This dream reoccurred several times when I was young. When I finally saw this face I didn't understand it at the time it was different dark and cold.
Well my family and I went to a pizza joint I was happy running around being young and so careless about the world. When things had changed rapidly with what came on the big screen next. Micheal Jackson's thiller. Not understanding what was pushing me on my swing until the dead crawled out of the ground. Now that I think of it Iíve never seen a zombie flick at the age of 3 how would I depict this?
Their dancing really confused me at the time. Within mind I donít believe in zombies nor have I ever thought it possible for the dead to be reborn.
I am in my thirties and have had many dreams come true. They have been confirmed by my family and friends. These are small dreams consisting of day to day things. But there has been this other dream I am just figuring out. And that is the real reason I am here. I feel now there is true purpose to my dream.
It started hard and fast on June 2002. For one week I could not sleep. I felt the reason was because of my dreams I wasn't getting something that was really important. Well I started researching about everything and anything. And on the 5th day of no sleep I had found it. With the feeling of success, there was something lifting off of me. I found out about the Mayans.
And it was like a switch everything I had dreamt about growing up had all relations to this Mayan tribe. One of my early dreams are about aurora borealis. And when that happens things change drastically. Being so young I didn't know what a zombie was. I thought there's no way this can happen in real life so this dream meant nothing to me. But then I started becoming brave enough with 30 years of training my mind not to accept fear I saw what was really in my dreams. Not running I turn to face this thing of death that is always behind me. Realizing its not death but they are running from death. As I turned around I saw this man was thirsty and hungry, a bit of animal was in his eyes. He wanted what I had. His dried out leathery skin looked as if it had never seen the dark, he looked desperate in a way a man would if his family is starving. Willing to do anything to feed them. Even if it meant taken what I have in every way I could be of help unwillingly. There has been other dreams I am with a group of people and its like we are scavenging for ourselves we end up in this big cargo hanger packed tight with trailers cars and stuff it looked like everybody just left their things behind almost like a slight panic feeling when I was there. They forgot what was really important when leaving. Water food and clothes.
I was doing research on solar flares 2003, when you type it in on the internet nothing came up, accept if you believed in it you are nuts. I think 7 years of studying this phenomenon I felt alone in it. Knowing we will have this charged particles of life being thrown through our energy. Reshaping us from the inside out and I thought I was the only one. Who could tell. So far there hasnít really been anyone who dreams like I do to cross reference this. In my dreams not everyone can accept this drastic change the world has given them. It is painful empty and sad. This transformation is sad because we should have prepared for it. It is in nature's cycle to do this. Our history is only a small fracture of time on this world. The ancient civilizations have lived through this time and we can learn from them. The thing people skip most in this world is the simplest answer right in front of them. We have become corrupt with the wrong information. Listening to what people say could bring you to a higher meaning or can tear you down. Either way we are vulnerable as people. That is the way science has become the leader of the world. If its proven by scientist its fact. With that power we are helpless. But really you have just become blind. I am really hard to blind. My perception is different. So basically 30 years of dreaming and studying I learned the Mayans knew and understood energy. Transformations of energy whether it be healing or killing they knew every action they were making. Then with all these dreams coming together being in accordance with real life. I have made it to the next dream. So far my last dream, I am walking down the street at night and BAM an earthquake like rumble feeling is shaking all around me. I would have to say it was quite scary even thou I knew this was a dream. Well I called back to the dream 5 or six times before I realized there were these (black) helicopters flying overhead. Really diff looking it looked as thou the main propeller was incased and more like a fighter jet but they were really quite and fast flying in a v formation over head crossing the opposite way of the streaks of the aurora borealis. I also noticed red writing on them. So when I finally put this dream together I realized we America was being attacked on our own soil that was not a quake. As an American I understand why no one can hear whatís really going on. I believe in my dreams to only a point. But this is too much. Then I found the helicopters that were in my dreams with that same writing style written on it.

[link to pakarmydefence.blogspot.com]

Then I learned about the book Art of war. They have a list. When they are finished crossing the things of their list they are victorious. And if you do your own research you will see how far along the list they are down with. And we are that list. Solar Flares are the key here. Nasa called bullshit on Solar Flare for years until it happened. Then they all of a sudden know all about this 11 year cycle. Bullshit. They know nothing. But A giant foreign country knew because they have a mega collection of history that is withheld. Did you realize it wasnít until the 40's Americanís werenít allowed in the country. They didnít want us to learn martial arts or any other secret they knew. With this being non-materials most Americans didnít care about it. They have a lot of information from thousands of years ago we donít know. The most famous saying you learn in elementary school. History repeats its self. This 11 year cycle is crazy. Where was it 11 years ago. It was only just a few years ago Nasa claimed bullshit but according to their words when they called bull shit Solar flares happened only a year ago.
Confusing yeah thatís Nasa. They Mayans they know much more about this also did the Native American tribe Zuni. They all say we are in the fourth world and the Suns awaking will bring us to the fifth. Which is the Upgrades of all upgrades. This will be something that affects our children childrenís children and so on. This energy has already may have passed you by. Which is okay. The real change isnít in the sun or energyís. the real change is done through the thought process of our brain. Can we make it with no electricity as a whole of people? Can we stay clean when the water runs short? Can we provide food for people that are hungry? The answer is No we canít even do this now with Electricity to much politics with todayís age. Understand once the blanket is pulled off. You are truly free and some people might go crazy some might adapt better than others. But In my dreams the majority of the people are uneducated making extreme rash decisions. Leading to Groups like gangs tearing through town taking and killing what they want. And the people who are living just wanting to survive like me have to hide. I am sure they will be alot me's out there who dont want to run from the bullies during this time of high school. They New war will be brewing directly after all of this. In my dreams it has to end twice before a new.