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'Watch your technologies begin to be disrupted. You have already seen some disruptions. More are coming.'

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08/08/2012 03:25 PM
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'Watch your technologies begin to be disrupted. You have already seen some disruptions. More are coming.'
Riding the Energies: Outside of Duality Closer to Source
AUGUST 2, 2012

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (13.3MB)

Good evening we are here, give us a moment. It is August 1, 2012, and it’s a Full Moon in Aquarius. Where to begin?

There is a lot going on, from our perspective things are really percolating on many fronts, in your environment, on your world, and as we’ve said earlier, in a previous channeling, you are all feeling a little antsy, you are all feeling a little buzzed, and you are wondering what is going on. And many people are worried about the economy, many people are concerned about disclosure and the idea that the extraterrestrial contacts are going to come forward and information will be disclosed, and we have even heard that there’s talk of a landing at the Olympics. But let us tell you one thing from our perspective, there are not entities outside of your earth that are of the light that are going to do anything that is not part of your freewill as a collective, and what we mean by that is, until and unless more people become comfortable with the idea of extraterrestrial contact, and not in a scary way, that they are going to be attacked, or “War of the Worlds” sort of thing, that is really what is keeping away the contacts at this time because there are some who would jump off a cliff and there are some that would be very, very psychologically harmed.


And so it is important to keep that in mind as you are watching something like the Olympics because that is a group activity that people are all getting behind at some point or another, not everyone but those who are interested, and so it is a great venue for bringing some disclosure along, understand, like the UFO that was seen hovering over it. There is a lot of excitement about that on the internet, and so that in and of itself starts a process in the minds of those who are watching. “Is it a hoax or is it real? Could it be real?” It starts a process where they can then begin to be okay with it.

This sort of thing has been done to not shock people for a long time and you don’t want to shock them. You see those who have been running your planet like to shock you. They want to shock you with a 911, they want to shock you with the shooting at the theatre, they want to shock you, understand, because they use those shocking opportunities. The extraterrestrials are not looking to shock you, if they were, they’d have done it by now, understand? So they are looking for how to do this in such a way that you all recover from the shock, because it will be shocking, and keep your molecules intact, don’t exit, don’t jump off a cliff or whatever, understand?


There are some that seem to, the social networking and this of thing, but look at how people are really not getting together, they are getting together in an internet way. Our vehicle was at a party with young children and the young children were all texting each other at the table instead of talking. Just talking to each other, they were texting each other, and this is a handicap that actually the sun, the actual Sol in the sky has a plan for, and you can imagine what that means. Watch your technologies begin to be disrupted. You have already seen some disruptions. More are coming.

Now when will those things happen? It could be 2012, it could be even earlier, could be later. It will happen as these energies build and build and build because, yes we have told you disclosure is waiting for people to be okay with it, but there is also this sense that the house is burning, understand? And so imagine it kind of like trying to talk somebody into jumping into one of those trampolines or whatever, that the fireman have. They are like, “Come on jump, jump”, and you are saying, “No, no, I don’t wish to jump. No”. And in the meantime the fire is getting closer and closer. So there is going to come a point where you say fire or jump, and ideally you will realize in that moment that there are friends waiting down there to catch you and not someone just tricking you and pulling the thing away and letting you splat on the sidewalk. Understand? It is trusting, but you are getting there, all of you are getting there.

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