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Nibiru, Are We Being DOOMED To Distract Us From A Legitimate "First Contact"?

User ID: 18274772
United States
08/08/2012 09:37 PM
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Nibiru, Are We Being DOOMED To Distract Us From A Legitimate "First Contact"?
Look I've been thinking about the video from Australia, that was posted on here earlier this morning (8/8). You could definitely see planets, What if this "Rogue Planet", or "Rogue Brown Dwarf Star", were actually a normal solar system like ours? Maybe some DOOM may come from, this meeting of solar systems, but I don't think that this is a total bad thing,this could be an opportunity. Something's there, and TPTB definitely want to cover it up and scare the hell out of us with DOOM, I mean fuck that's all they have been constantly doing since Y2K.

So here's a theory I have, check it out:

Our solar system in universal proportions, is about the size of an atom on a universal scale, whereas our galaxy, is to compare with a complex molecule. Now in order for our galaxy to stay put and hold it's unity,it has to have counter-balances and weights, to create a balance, to hold it's form, and part of this force that holds it together is movement, centrifical force, which in thus creates gravity A.

Our solar systems rotates around the galaxy once every 275 million years, creating our solar system a seasonal variation, which quite possibly even helps to create our Ice Ages, though it seems that over the last 2 million years our Ice Ages have been a lot more frequent than that of nature (manipulation of climate ????????).

So as our solar system rotates around the galaxy, it should meet "sister" solar systems, rotating around the galaxy the opposite direction as us. Thus creating a counter-balance, which helps hold the galaxy together.

13,000 to 26,000 years would be a miniscule amount of time compared to 275 million years, instead of this Nibiru phenomena of the past, being a Destroyer or a Abaddon, we might wanna realize that the stories of the past that we have read, might not be the same object, but instead a neighbor, a"sister" solar system maybe someone should shout out at the surrounding planets around "Nibiru" and say,

"Hey we could use some help over here! We got these stupid extraterrestrial fucks hangin' out here for at least a million years who are playing God with us, and using their technology and fear to rule us and destroy us every 26,000 years or so, oh and btw they blew up one of our planets killing 10 billion people and deterraforming Mars! Some assistance would be appreciated!"

Just some food for thought! lol!

User ID: 18274772
United States
08/09/2012 07:37 AM
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Re: Nibiru, Are We Being DOOMED To Distract Us From A Legitimate "First Contact"?
So it seems no one has anything to say, I guess where there is little known, there is little required.


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