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Message Subject HUGE Louisiana sinkhole!!!!
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The Great Abyss, An Entire Continent Burning, The Very Concept of Hell

The water in underground aquifers has been heavily pumped by irrigation farmers which has lowered the water levels by 100 feet, and as a result created a partial vacuum in the aquifers. The aquifers lie beneath the H-P Natural Gas Reserve. The vacuum from the removed water consequently sucks all the "replacement" water the energy companies have been pumping into America's natural gas reserve for the purpose of extracting gas, downward, to fill the void in the aquifer. As a result, a partial vacuum is then created in our natural gas reserves, which in turn draws air (oxygen) into the reserves from the surface of the earth, mostly through vent pipes created in the drilling process, effectively converting our gas reserves into an extremely volatile bomb made of natural gas and oxygen.

According to its own official maps, America (and both its neighbors) sit on top of the Hugoton-Panhandle Natural Gas Reserve, which is the largest natural gas reserve on earth.

In order to extract natural gas from what is basically an enormously large interconnected and "dry" set of chambers, America's energy companies have been pumping huge amounts of water into them for just under a hundred years to force the gas out into pipelines, then on to processing plants.

Meanwhile, the law of gravity has been constantly pulling the replacement water they had previously filled that part of the gas chamber with into our water acquifers, which are located well below the gas chambers, leaving the partial vacuum that remains loaded with lower levels of natural gas.

Once the oxygen to gas ratio reaches fourteen percent, the "mix" in this part of the reserve becomes volatile, and subject to exploding if and when it is ever ignited. A mix of twenty one percent oxygen to gas ratio causes that particular gas chamber to become a genuine fully loaded bomb, just waiting to be ignited.

[link to www.fourwinds10.net]
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