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Message Subject HUGE Louisiana sinkhole!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Check this out from the news article I linked above:

" The government used previously created salt caverns along the Gulf Coast to store the first 250 million barrels of oil in the reserve.

Later, it began using a process called "solution mining" to carve additional caverns out of underground salt domes. The process involves injecting water deep underground to dissolve salt and create the pockets, some of which are as big as skyscrapers.

The same process that is used to create the caverns can make them bigger over time as water is injected to force oil from the domes, Beaubouef said.

"That essentially leaches out the cavern further," he said. "That's planned for. It's in the design. But every time there's a drawdown order, the cavern gets bigger."

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