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Message Subject HUGE Louisiana sinkhole!!!!
Poster Handle psyoptics
Post Content
DNR scientists have said they suspected that the cavern failed, leaked its brine contents and caused the sinkhole, which is about 475 feet wide and about 200 feet from the salt cavern.
[link to theadvocate.com]

so now the truth is coming out and this is not good!
as the powers involved start pointing their fingers in every direction this issue grows worse with every fleeting moment!
do we know what it down there?
do we know how much new damage has been caused be all the new holes they have made?
and the most important question.....

and a lovely side note:
“USGS, we spoke to them today. They stated plainly to us today, the folks from USGS, that the cavern collapse caused the seismic activity, not the other way around,” Chustz said.

so i would rather have been told the earth moved and caused the sinker...
this is not good if the sinker is moving the earth!
so if there is a larger collapse how might that effect the ground and faults in the area?
and now more the question....if this thing does blow....
well if it blows i think it would be safe to say there would be some large earth movements!

this is not play out well at all....and still there seems to be quite the MSM blackout on all of this!!!!
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