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Message Subject HUGE Louisiana sinkhole!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
from another thread....

'Back in Jan. of this year, I was heavily researching the 'mystery booms' that had started popping up all over.

On one of the USGS forums I was using, a man claimed to know what was causing the booms and then went into great detail on what to look for.

His post, and the entire thread have long since been purged.

However, what he said stuck with me and from that point on I was waiting for the signs.

He claimed that the booms were the result of Super Fracking that had exposed a large underground cavern that sat against an exposed section of a subsection of the Madrid fault. That when this happened they knew they'd messed up big time. From then on the US Gov has been undergoing a 24/7 operation of keeping the cavern pressurized with fluid, to prevent the methane from travelling through the fault and destabalizing it.

He claimed that, if methane bubbles started appearing in the gulf, it would be a sign that the US efforts had failed and that the methane was now free flowing.
He said if we started to see methane bubbles and sinkholes around the gulf coast, it would signal a window of weeks before a cascade failure occurs.

When the methane forces it's way through the fault, the resulting force will rip up the entire fault complex and end up ripping the entire Mississppi River valley a new one.
He estimated at least 100 miles on either side of the Mississppi as being underwater. The new continental divide.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8637765

I asked my dad about all this shit and had him read some of the reports. He shit his pants. He is retired now but worked in the oil industry for years in Canada and the Middle East. He is well aware of how this all works. He was a specialist and an engineer and trouble shooter. He says that pretty much that area is past the point of no return. That the gases are going to travel everywhere and there is no way they can solve it. There is no tech for this type of thing. The gas will be like water and take the path of least resistance. It can move hundreds of miles along fissures and cracks underground. He said one lightening strike in the right spot could probably light the whole thing up. He wondered why they are not evacuating people out already. Alot of my family are snow birds and travel to the states every year down to Arizona and Yuma. NONE of them are going this year. NONE. They think the whole west coast, California to the Baja and now this is just a potential powder keg waiting to go up. Domino effect. Good luck to everybody and god be with you all. You are going to need god to help you all really soon. I'd be moving even if it means your starting over. Whats your life and the lives of your children worth too ya....?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21790634

Please be careful what you type. Make sure all that you say is 100% accurate. That's all...
 Quoting: Fire Watch

I trust my Dad. He is highly intelligent and knows this industry big time. He said that that earthquakes are really telling. The gas is under so much pressure looking for a way out that its probably causing the earthquakes not the fault. Earthquakes harbor alot of energy. Earthquakes also conduct energy. The earthquakes themselves because they can produce lightening could ignite it. Its a bomb waiting for the right conditions and up it will go he said. It will be felt more than 2 miles away. More like 200 miles away. God Bless.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21790634

Hopefully this doesn't happen...obviously.
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