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Message Subject HUGE Louisiana sinkhole!!!!
Poster Handle my2centsworth
Post Content
Parish property assessors have been approaching residents in the area and offering steep discounts in property taxes in exchange for a decrease in property value assessment. Some real estate assessors also joined the meeting and offered their services to assess property values. Most viewed these people as predatory and some feel like the parish is trying to hurt them and their chances for a fair return on the value of their property, should some civil lawsuit arise.

[link to labucketbrigade.wordpress.com]
 Quoting: Paa Tal

do these tax assessors work for the same county as the local officials that have done virtually nothing to help these people?

the same local officials that were a no-show at the community meeting last week? and the same ones who asked the local media to ~not~ report the story?

all of these people work for the same county (or parish) and live within the same state?

hmmmm.....yeah, I'd be leary too. I wouldn't hire those guys to sit and watch paint dry because I'm fairly certain they'd flub that up too! thumbs

I'm sure the residents of Bayou Corne want this resolved asap, however I would certainly get an atty's advice before signing anything. Just as you stated above, it sounds predatory.

I'm sure they'll consult a lawyer....but it'd be really nice if a a few tax attorneys could step forward and do a little pro-bono work. These families need people they can trust. People that can ask the tough questions. People that know the law and that are not intimidated by those wishing to remain hidden behind closed doors.

They need to be represented by people that put THEIR best interests front and center, because it's abundantly clear that the govt isn't.
 Quoting: ladyannie2009

I would be cautious about signing anything as well.. here in Canada, if the Government expropriates or purchases property for any reason, they pay only what the value of your land taxes are based on. So, if they drop the value of your property, yes you do pay less tax, but you also get much less when the government pays for your property.
I don't know what the American Government bases their payout values on.. but I would sure be VERY careful about allowing them to devalue your property, thereby giving you a lower tax bill.
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