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Message Subject HUGE Louisiana sinkhole!!!!
Poster Handle Esoteric Morgan
Post Content
Just like with the Macondo and Fukushima debacles, it seems that the entire approach to what is happening at Bayou Corne is largely a hit and miss conundrum.

There ARE no precedents, so, there is no definitive way to handle something of this magnitude.

The ironic, sad, and, perhaps criminally negligent part of all this, is that long before industry 'advanced' to the point where shit can and will hit the fan, the warnings were in place--just ignored, for, if heeded, industry would have had to abandon their money-making ventures altogether.

So, here we have a very, very serious problem before us, one that is growing expotentially with each new facet of discovery in an ever-widening geographic area, all of which points to a very perilous situation that can never be corrected. Ever.

And, with each new day, we will be hearing about some new technique that shall be tried--which will ultimately fail, and, some new report discounting that all of these things are in any way connected, or, as troublesome as we imagine. Meanwhile, domes are still being mined, chemicals are still being stored, prospective wells are still being drilled for while others continue to compromise the geological structure of the landmasses they are extracting from.

"If it ain't broke don't fix it."

Nothing will change until something really, really bad happens, that cannot be denied. Unfortunately, just as we've seen in the wake of the really, really bad and continuing debacles at both Fukushima and Macondo: even then, it still gets denied.

If EVER something cataclysmic occurs in the region, I have this feeling that we will hear that some undetected meteor or weapon hit the region as the cause of the event.

And, as we hurry to help the survivors, and, sort it all out, even then, behind the scenes, it will be business as usual.

Of course, this is only my opinion.

I REALLY needed to get this off my chest. Sorry.


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