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Message Subject HUGE Louisiana sinkhole!!!!
Poster Handle dr.einstein
Post Content
Folks. don't lose sight of the fact that the
sinkhole-and-cavern problem is only a small part
of this whole thing.

the fundamental problem with the "cavern" is that
Texas Brine did not conform to established engineering standards
when they were harvesting the brine from the cavern: they
washed away too much of the salt structure from the sides
of the cavern and thereby weakened the cavern structure
to the point of causing collapse (which in turn puts
the entire Napoleanville Salt Dome complex in jeopardy)

the MOST HUGE part of the problem is that coincidentally with this
salt dome fiasco, a deep reservoir of natural gas has decided
to seep its way to the surface -- and it is this natural
gas which coincidentally filled the Texas Brine "cavern".

But! more importantly, all of this natural gas, which
is leaking up from a reservoir deep in the earth's crust,
is ALSO saturating all of the ground in southern louisiana --
and it is this "natural gas problem" that is the catastrophic component of the whole situation.
 Quoting: dr.einstein

Also, keep in mind the extensive geology of the entire area.

Few people here have spoken about the Louann Salt basin, which extends into the gulf and up through a number of states, all of which sit ON TOP OF these deposits.

Everything that I have read about this speaks of the questionable integrity of these salt deposits in the face of degradation from drilling breeches, land movement, and other factors.

Imagine what happens once the salt washes away...you have holes. Not only do you have cavities and dome wall breeches, you have spaces where stored chemicals are not longer contained, and the reverse, where free methane and oil can come up to the surface from the strata below.

This is like a ginormous, deep pan of many volatile substances under pressure, all looking to expand up and outwards until their pressure is relieved.

But, if I am reading this correctly, it is THE LOUANN SALT which is first compromised here. As this deposit continues to dissolve away, the perilous situation expands exponentially.


I have gathered a few maps and info, if anyone is interested.
 Quoting: Esoteric Morgan

well, evacuating all of southern lousiana for the next 100 years, until the gas dissipates, is disaster enough for me.
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