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Message Subject HUGE Louisiana sinkhole!!!!
Poster Handle dr.einstein
Post Content
well, evacuating all of southern lousiana for the next 100 years, until the gas dissipates, is disaster enough for me.
 Quoting: dr.einstein

I know what you mean.

But, what would it take for such an order? I don't see it happening at this point; they aren't anywhere near declaring a widespread(ing) disaster area, even as the sinkhole(s) continues to spread...while new ones appear elsewhere.

I've seen the failing trees, the water between stands which have yet to fall, roads 'dissolving' before our eyes, and, the pockets where people are getting sick.

No one is going to order an evacuation unless some undeniable tragedy occurs, which manages to set off an alarm which will not turn off.
 Quoting: Esoteric Morgan

well, keep in mind that i am talking about natural gas
saturating ALL of the ground in southern louisiana.

this catastrophe is just now getting started. and Bayou Corne
just happens to be "ground zero".

there is natural gas starting to percolate out of the
ground all around Assumption Parish right now... so,
maybe you can see how this thing might grow and grow
until the natural gas engulfs all of southern louisiana
(including New Orleans)

(p.s. get your minds out of "sinkholes" for cry-sakes!)
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