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Message Subject HUGE Louisiana sinkhole!!!!
Poster Handle Esoteric Morgan
Post Content
at EM -
"If EVER something cataclysmic occurs in the region, I have this feeling that we will hear that some undetected meteor or weapon hit the region as the cause of the event."

-Just told my mom (who is in FL!!) yesterday that I think I rather die from the fall-out then to have to live the rest of my life hearing, 'It was the A-Rabs' or 'We just had nooooo idea this could happennnnn'

And whats all this only La. danger (dr e?)? I do not agree... explosion - nuclear reaction - bam, bam, bam, RIGHT??? - Not to mention, faults etc... Stop trying to get people in all the other states to not pay attention, think not many people give a rat's ass bout some cajuns? That may be, but let people understand that their ass is on the line, too, PUNK!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24518278

Thank you.

dr e said to forget about the sinkholes. i read his post a few times, hoping that his statement could be taken to have meant that the sinkhole debacles were just a SMALL part of the problem...which is actually correct. The potential for an upsurgence of the extentsive gas deposits is already being seen. That is what I think his main point is, which is valid.

The following is a 1999 report about the tenuous nature of the region. These are the facts which have been continually discounted by the oil, gas, and, chemical industries:


[link to www.coastalenv.com]

Summary and Conclusions

"...Geotechnical subsidence occurs as movement along circular patterns of faults, which circumscribe collapse features, and along linear growth faults. Collapse features may be induced by salt depletion at depth and/or sediment loading at the surface. Movement along growth faults occurs in response to compaction, geosynclinal downwarping and gravity slumping.

The origin and locations of major growth faults are related to basement topography and earth crust movements. Once established they become zones of weakness where vertical displacement in response to sediment loading occurs.

Cumulative displacement of beds indicates that some have been active since Cretaceous times. Thus, the down-thrown blocks of growth faults become depressions which "attract" deposition, and in turn cause movement on the faults.

The coastal region is divided into a mosaic of massive fault-bound blocks...

...Until recently, fault movement in the coastal lowlands was masked and went unnoticed because of accretion processes. However, within the last 40 years the effects of fault movement have become more evident because of increased rates of sinking and reduction of accretion processes.

Fault traces have become visibly delineated by patterns of land loss and marsh deterioration...

...The Baton Rouge Fault System, located along the rim of the Gulf Salt Dome Basin, is active and has caused structural damage to building foundations and bridges. Some minor earthquake activity may be related to movement along this fault system. A zone of intensive faulting (Lake Borgne Fault Zone) occurs between the Lake Sand-Frenier and Mauvais Bois alignments. Occurrence of numerous lakes in this zone may be related to faults. Collapse features which may have contributed to land loss include the Calcasieu Lake, Four Island, Lake Washington and active Mississippi Delta features..."

That is just one of many similar studies done in regards to geological fault patterns throughout the southern states.

The truth is, such studies also revealed the various oil and gas deposits available for extraction in such a landscape. The sheer make-up of some salt domes were found to be excellent natural sources of oil 'accumulation,' as well their potential use as storage facilities.

The bottom line is that even with foreknowledge of the geological 'red flags' found throughout the region, major players, such as those in the the gas, oil, and chemical industries, have chosen to ignore sound judgement so continuously, that the revelation of these cautionary geological reports gain little or no traction.

But, no matter which angle you view it from, the situation in the Gulf, in Bayou Corne, in outlying ares, from the Macondo Well up on through and into the second tier of southern states, all sit on geological time-bombs, possibly more interconnected than most people care to believe.

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