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NASA and light bulbs

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08/10/2012 03:31 AM
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NASA and light bulbs
Q: How many NASA workers do you need to change a light bulb?

A: What light bulb?

A: Look over there a tiger!

A: I'll release a 120X120 pixel image in low def black and white and show you.

A: A billion dollars should do it ... until we might need another billion just to be sure..

A: THERE IS NO LIFE ON MARS - oh wait there is life on Mars? Why weren't we told? We were? Oh LOOK OVER THERE A TIGER!

A: Moon - yeah we went to the Moon - that's pretty cool huh!? What? You want to know HOW we got to the Moon with 1969 tech? LOOK OVER THERE A TIGER EATING A KEBAB!

A: The Black Monks ain't from Africa you know...

A: Just send a billion (and a tiger) and we'll have a pre press conference promising something very interesting and special... like some rocks from Chicago!

What you don't like the dirt? What are you? A tiger hater?

A: WE BOMBED THE MOON YOU KNOW!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT!? Never mind the light bulbs!

A: none, they will just tell you they don't need one anyway.

A: You serious, we really get to keep the NASA coffee mugs? awesome!

A: Hoagland still works for us right? Perhaps he can warn people about tigers and pineapples.

A: Walt wasn't really a high ranking SS Nazi, he just used to make coffee for everyone.

A: Just use a pencil made from a torch? That'll work, and we can then slingshot the Moons atmosphere back to the actual light bulb.

A: Call McDonald's - they still haven't returned all those Lunar Orbiter images. Why is there a picture on the wall of a tiger eating a kebab?

A: never a straight A:

NASA Moon - Mars - Saturn ANOMALIES: [link to www.youtube.com]