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The have a vent your rage thread (because glp needs it)

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United Kingdom
08/10/2012 10:19 AM
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The have a vent your rage thread (because glp needs it)
this thread is so you can come in an vent your rage after a horrible day, don't bottle it up it don't do you or anyone else any favours


so lets get started...

i'm pissed off fed up had enough, i have spent my whole life helping other people in one way shape or form, seen people get shit on destroyed f**ked over kicked to the side of the kerb and for what? nothing ever comes good of people who are nice all i see is scum and soulless cocksuckers get everything handed to them on a plate.

f**k you world and f**k you life


i did have a punch bag for venting off on to but brother took it back angryface

User ID: 21666518
08/10/2012 10:43 AM
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Re: The have a vent your rage thread (because glp needs it)

At times I'm a little envious of those cocksuckers, not so much the sucking cock part, but the whole deal where they get everything handed to them. It just seems like a coincidence that all the rich kids got apprenticeships without any hassles. Lets say an aprentice/traineeship opened up for electrician. in a town of 20,000 people maybe 500-600 would apply. It's shit. They're also the same kids who have new 4wds, not stock either, have the mud terain tyres, lift kit, spotties. All have a girlfriends too. Most are assholes who'll have a go at you.

I step back from my thoughts tho.
#1 They are cocksuckers lol, no other way to describe them they don't know what they all personally want, they just want what their mates have got.

#2 I swear every older tradie I've met, has been divorced (Met a handful) and he's just been taken to the cleaners by their ex.

#3 They are just so limmited, in what they get to experience.

My message to you
I think if it bothers you that much, maybe you should revaluate exactly what you have.., or a nice person has, to what these CS have.

Even if it means standing back back and realising, yeah they have all these material things, I don't think it truly makes them happy? Do they have peace of mind?

haha. but can see exactly where you're comming from tho.