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Message Subject Thoughts on creating a RURAL COMMUNITY vision, Proverbs 29:18 "Where there is no vision, the people perish"
Poster Handle ChivalryKnight
Post Content

There are so many on GLP that see and sense the changes coming. There are so many I have known with the "pimped" out giant Hummmer, tons of gear, watched all the Chuck Norris movies perhaps, (OK I'm stereotyping a bit) but they are not grounded in a community of like minded people. Spiritual grounding with kindred I believe will be much more important in the days ahead.

The Hummers will be abandoned and stripped out on the side of the road when the gas stations don't work.

Friendships, hugs and love will carry you much further than the macho man 4 x 4 and ammo. Not saying don't do these things because God gives different people different callings.
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