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On the verge of losing everything because of my employer


User ID: 11287347
United States
08/11/2012 10:44 PM
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Re: On the verge of losing everything because of my employer
I'm guessing you're not a government worker.

You should have quit a long time ago after setting up another job. Every employer is yanking their sheeps' chain now. Some out of panic or neccessity but I saw the handwriting on the wall after the first unreasonable request. Just move on, you'll feel much better. I did.
 Quoting: Anal Probe

have to agree with you on that, even if it's to go to something with lesser pay, better to be less stressed and happy than to go to a job your miserable at, that's how people end up doing really stupid things when they can't take it anymore
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 21040611
08/11/2012 11:12 PM
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Re: On the verge of losing everything because of my employer
What the fuck are you doing in job you hate so much. Your creating your own problems. Can't you see that. People are what they think. If you think shit you get shit. People are what they eat also. If you eat shit you get sick. Quit blameing everybody else for your problems. People have choices. You choose to stay where you are scared to go try anything else. Obviously your not a good sales person. Commision jobs are for highly motivated and upbeat people. Your not all that . Go, move on. Your not going to get any broker than you already are.
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For a Canadian, YOUR spelling truly is bad...
SeriousNews (OP)

User ID: 4039081
United States
08/12/2012 01:58 AM
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Re: On the verge of losing everything because of my employer
Thanks guys, much better replies.

I learn soo much here.

It is true. I agree to not focus on blame and negativity.

I told them if they don't move me, they lose me.

And they cannot afford that.

Ill know in the next week. I've already put out my situation on CL and got a couple job ops. Just gotta weigh out all of my options.

Honestly though, if you find this story so hard to believe, hear the beginning.

I moved out much too fast, rushed into a home, not apartment, much too fast. I lost focus on school. I busted my ass and bent over backwards for everyone in the store I work in, and it took me THIS long to realize I'm allowing myself to become a slave. Literally.

It doesn't help either that my pay used to consistently be ~$800+ biweekly (~$1600 /mo) and now I'm lucky to see $300 biweekly.

Annually I'm looking at a 60% pay cut. The CEO is banking.

It's $6 base + commission. Commission is almost nonexistent however.

Picture this:

Customer buys product and all money making add ons. Customer goes to pick up product that he paid for and its not there. He cancels, without wanting to hear my solution. I ask a manager for help. She takes forever. I call the associate nearest a manager. The afformentioned manager comes up behind me, in front of the customer and says "You talk to [associate] because I guess you don't need a manager." Customer tells me its not me and he needed to go deal with a professional company.

From this ONE sale, which is like finding a lake in a desert, $200 was ripped from my pocket.

Now if this happening followed by trying to compose yourself on a salesfloor can't make someone crazy, what would...

I had to be there at 7am. Closed at 9pm.

Yes, all this shits beyond illegal. In America.

I live in the united states. But it sure as shit isn't Bush's America. And I was brainwashed into thinking that was bad?

So prosperity and success are bad in Obamaland.
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