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What is the RIGHT way to live your life?

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United States
08/11/2012 10:49 PM
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What is the RIGHT way to live your life?
From the moment we are born, we are taught to live life as a "good person." But what defines a good person? Isn't that a matter of complete opinion? And yet, most of the world sees it as one way. To work hard, be honest, love thy neighbor, honor and respect your parents, GENERALLY....anything a religion will tell us to do is good, right, and what we are called to do in this life.

THE world would view someone who takes a lot of drugs, drinks and parties every weekend, gets money from stealing, does only what THEY want and doesnt care what other people tell them....as a BAD person.

But how do we KNOW what the true purpose of life really is? Do we really know we are doing the right things by being the world's view of a "good person"?

It's almost as if someone WANTS us to be that way, and not free spirited, doing as we please and our hearts truly desire.

Now, I tend to agree and view the world's view of a "good person" as a good person. But am I right? Something ive been pondering over...