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Choice, Judgment, and Humanity

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 2467709
United States
08/11/2012 11:41 PM
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Choice, Judgment, and Humanity
everything we think about or do just happens. thoughts neurons firing that are outside of anyone's control. they just happen. no one is controlling what is being written right now -- the words are appearing as a result of hands typing on a keyboard -- there is no one controlling the hands that are typing -- the hands are typing because of a nervous system in a human body that is doing its thing outside of anyone's control. everything we do or think about is outside of our control. no one is causing our neurons to fire in the ways that they do. nobody actually chooses to do or think about anything. choices aren't choices at all -- everyone just does what they do. because no one actually makes any choices, there is no room for judgment of anyone for any reason, positive or negative. people pick and choose certain things that are not choices like sexual orientation or skin color that people shouldn't judge people for, but everything that people do, have done, or think about is not a result of choices either. it is my opinion that people shouldn't judge anyone for any reason at all: everything that everyone does is outside of anyone's control. choices aren't anything to get upset or elated over. they just happen.