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If you live in the now, why bothering about history?

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United States
08/12/2012 08:43 AM
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If you live in the now, why bothering about history?
Consider you are living in the moment with every moment birthing itself anew.
What would it bothers you that you have been lied. Would your immediate past have been any different if things were revealed now?
Why bothering about people and names thousands of years old?
Worship the dead and ignore the living?
Is really the value of a person the official recognition from third parties?

I remember of an old story I would sum up that way.

Imagine you read a great sentence making you a deep impression.
If I told you it was from a saint, you would worship him.
If I told you it was from a politician from the a party not of your liking, you would say it is propaganda.
If it turned out to be from a pop star, it would be all over the news.
If I told you it was from your housekeeper you would disregard it.

Why would you need to have a name to be yourself?
Why would you have to prove anything?

Why not keeping on with your own life?

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