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Message Subject My Husband Directed The Fake Moon Landing Says Stanley Kubrick's Widow.
Poster Handle FubarMan
Post Content

You are making gross assumptions based on your false perceptions. I'm not a jingoistic flag waiving American.

Americans whole sale slaughtered Native Americans. America fought in WWWI, WWWII, Dropped nukes, fought a cold war, landed on the moon...etc..

It is what it is. Your hatred for America blinds you to historical facts. I guess you would not believe that Jimmy Carter slaughtered more people than Pol Pot, which is a fact too.
 Quoting: FubarMan

Fubar you must be a serious Jackass.

We will never know if they went to the moon or not.

But my guess is they did not, because they would have gone back several More times and make more discoveries if they did.

Facts is humans are now interstellar, we are interdimensional.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16589773

Typical name calling when your irrational beliefs are stomped in the ground.
You refute no facts, furthermore you have no guts to research "manufacturing consent." However it is doubtful you would ever know such information as it is quite evident you have never ran your eyes across any scientific literature.
 Quoting: FubarMan

You have lost the debate Mr. Fubar.

[link to bp3.blogger.com]

[link to bp0.blogger.com]

[link to i50.tinypic.com]

and the most intriguing one - clouds in top left... in the moon?

[link to 2.bp.blogspot.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21812760

The entire print is polluted. Clouds LOL!
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