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Message Subject My Husband Directed The Fake Moon Landing Says Stanley Kubrick's Widow.
Poster Handle Halcyon Dayz, FCD
Post Content

The funny thing is- and the most basic of all is that a spacesuit to withstand the heat, cold, and radiation has NOT even been developed yet... LOL
 Quoting: US Coward 21681843

Where do you get this crap?

i keep hearing this one about the laser reflecting mirros... never have i seen a picture of one or ever seen someone outside of the industry use them...
 Quoting: UK Coward 21786571

You being ignorant of something is not evidence of anything other then you being ignorant of something.

besides they could have been placed there by machines not men.
 Quoting: UK Coward 21786571

"Could have" is not evidence, it is handwaving.

If you think there was a soopersekrit alternate space programme employing invisible spacecraft and super-advanced robotics you proof it.

where are the hires japanese sat images of the landing site??
well where are they?
 Quoting: UK Coward 21786571

Landing site?
Are you one of those tards who are only aware of ONE moonlanding?

Try JAXA. Try Google. Try a library.
You not being aware of the evidence is your problem, not anyone else's.

We have satellites capable of seeing scratches on a penny on earth from orbit.
 Quoting: Canadian Coward 11696035

Who is this 'we' you speak off?
And why do you use Hollywood flicks as your tech reference rather then, you know, actual tech references?

We spend billions in stupid shit every year.
 Quoting: Canadian Coward 11696035

More on cat food then space exploration.

We can't send one of those satellites to the moon.
 Quoting: Canadian Coward 11696035

Get out from under your rock.

How are moon rocks different from earth rocks again?
 Quoting: Canadian Coward 11696035

Why don't you know?

just once.
 Quoting: Canadian Coward 11696035

And another only-one-moonlanding dolt.

Read the web site. No mirrors are needed.
 Quoting: USA Coward 21791002

Read the web site, they can tell the difference.
Hitting the spot increases the reflection many trillions of times.

Think about it like this. How could you possibly even hit a target so small 200,000 miles away? No way.
 Quoting: USA Coward 21791002

That is yet another they-didn't-have-the-technology claim not supported by any evidence.
Meanwhile no domain expert agrees with your 'expert' assessment.

I love the "X-RAY" Video effect!

you can see thru the astronaut but why can't you see his skeletal structure.

 Quoting: USA Coward 19858256

Because you not seeing through.
Video tubes have latency, i.e. bright spots take time to fade.
Look at any kinescope of old TV broadcasts and you will see the same thing.

'Moon rock' given to Holland by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin is fake
A moon rock given to the Dutch prime minister by Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969 has turned out to be a fake.
[link to www.telegraph.co.uk]
 Quoting: UK Coward 5449673

Since not even Kosygin got a rocklet before 1971 why would any private citizen have gotten such a humongous one in 1969?
To piss of the Soviets? Then why wasn't it publicised?
Can you show that Middendorf (NOT the astronauts) actually met vadertje Drees?
Can you show any provenance of the rock in question prior to 1988?
Can you show that any one who should have had a clue ever claimed it was a Moon Rock?

The only thing you can show here is a comedy of errors and bad whorenalism.
I will have to go with Kubrick's Widow on this one
 Quoting: Bigboat

Are you slow?
That was NOT Kubrick's widow.
The whole point of the movie is to demonstrate how easy it is to twist the truth in a 'documentary'.

To which I reply, "Who was operating the camera?"
 Quoting: USA Coward 10868788

In your universe there is no such thing as remote control?
On Dave's web he has written a very good and long article about the moon landings.
 Quoting: stillhere

Long, yes.
Good, not so much.

McCowan's problem is his extreme ignorance of the project.
He has a standing invitation to discuss his accusations any time any place,
but all he does is hide in his little digital fortress.

He's a coward.
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