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Message Subject My Husband Directed The Fake Moon Landing Says Stanley Kubrick's Widow.
Poster Handle Halcyon Dayz, FCD
Post Content
this image shows CLOUDS at top left.
Clouds in moon?
[link to 2.bp.blogspot.com]

 Quoting: Portuguese Coward 21594154

Please tell me you're just trolling.

cause he CAN'T explain the tracks issue in pictures.
It's impossible to have it like these pictures show.
 Quoting: Portuguese Coward 21594154

The 'track issue' is an argument from ignorance (google that term).
If you think it proves something make your case.
Nobody has to proof you wrong, you have to proof you right.

Even Rammstein knows the truth.
[link to www.youtube.com]
 Quoting: Copperhead

That's Rammstein making fun of American culture.
You're part of it.

Didn't go with Apollo. Astronauts went up into low earth orbit for 6 days, just like they did with the STS and ISS missions.
 Quoting: Anonimous Cowerd

So what magick did they use to make their spaceships invisible?

So how do you explain the just the other day, a lunar module crash and burned with recent technology?. Cause it means we dindt go the first time?
[link to news.discovery.com]
 Quoting: US Coward 18377496

Since 1903 no fixed-wing aircraft prototype has ever failed during a testflight?

well we know that the temp on the moon can peak @ 368 degrees and thats not counting a solar flare but im sure the shoes and rubber tires have a much higher melting point cause otherwise someone could have died up there!!
 Quoting: Novice 20243040

The soles were made of silicone rubber.
What is the melting point of silicone rubber?
The tyres were metal.

Making a point based on no knowledge whatsoever is a effective way to get it wrong.

When galactic cosmic rays collide with particles in the lunar surface, they trigger little nuclear reactions that release yet more radiation in the form of neutrons. The lunar surface itself is radioactive!
[link to science.nasa.gov]
 Quoting: Novice 20243040


The question is how much radiation.
The air you breath is radioactive and you've been breathing it a lot longer then anyone has spent time on the surface of the Moon.
Why aren't you dead yet?

Have they taken this to court?
This is something to follow to see if it goes to court.
 Quoting: nzreva

This happened years ago.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Was it possible to take the known number of photos (from NASA records) in the amount of time available (from NASA records?)
 Quoting: Canadian Coward 20363457


A time and motion study of the Apollo missions:
[link to web.archive.org]
 Quoting: Canadian Coward 20363457

Jack White doesn't know that for all but one mission there were 2 EVA cameras.
Jack White doesn't know that the cameras had motorwind, ca 1 second to click again.
Jack White doesn't know that a large number of pictures were part of a panorama.
Jack White doesn't know that the word 'document' includes make pictures of what you are doing, i.e. time for experiments he subtracts was in fact time pictures were taken.
Jack White doesn't know that all pictures match up with the timeline documented by sound and video, we do not need to guess when everyone of them was taken.
As a studio photographer Jack White doesn't know about aim and click documentation style photography, not every photograph takes a quarter of an hour to frame and light.
(Just look at the pictures.)
Jack White doesn't know that he's the world's worst photo-analyst in the history of the world.
Even Congress says so.

No autofocus on the Hasselblads numbnuts. Consequently, it's not just clicking a button.
 Quoting: Canadian Coward 20363457

Most pictures were taken with a standard setting.
Yet another thing Jack White didn't know.

Also, no viewfinder. Yet we have every single picture that is perfectly focused. Really?!?
 Quoting: Canadian Coward 20363457

With a widefield lens it is hard to miss, and then still many pictures are just plain bad.

Hoaxies often make claims about the pictures as a whole insinuating they saw them all.
This is always a self-evident lie.

I swear, did you even read the link?
 Quoting: Canadian Coward 20363457

It's not new.
Hoaxies rarely produce new claims.

Who cares if my grandmother wrote it. It brings up an excellent point.
 Quoting: Canadian Coward 20363457

Excellence in stupidity.
Jack White was a contender every single year.

sure they went.
this looks so legit....lol.
[link to www.panoramas.dk]
 Quoting: Aussie Coward 16496460

Looks like a perfectly fine real spacecraft, the product of real engineering subjected to real world physical restrains.

IOW it doesn't look like anything Hollywood has made you think a spaceship looks like.
It has always seemed odd the shape they chose for the lunar module. For the strength, weight, volume issue, and considering that it was designed to go with in a cylindrical rocket body, it seems like the most unlikely shape possible.

I cannot believe that real NASA engineers designed this thing, because its materials, the foil being one of many things, just don't make sense in their use, and seem to have no parallel in older or modern spacecraft.
 Quoting: ehecatl

And your uneducated opinion is relevant why?

Meanwhile actual aerospace engineers applaud the LM as one of the finest spacecraft designs ever build.
It is capable of doing the things it was supposed to do, and do them well, and nothing else.
There is nothing superfluous in the design, it is purely utilitarian.

Zoom in and notice how badly the white sheet metal panels up above fit together.
Does something not make sense about this?
 Quoting: ehecatl

What makes you think they are metal?
Why can't you be bothered to actual learn something about the stuff you are criticising?
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