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Message Subject My Husband Directed The Fake Moon Landing Says Stanley Kubrick's Widow.
Poster Handle nomuse (not logged in)
Post Content
Why were they celebrities, then? Are you saying it was not under NASA's control -- that regardless of who they put in the craft, they would instantly become a "celebrity" too dangerous to expose to risk?
 Quoting: nomuse (not logged in) 2380183

Parading the astronauts in front of the media and touting them as America's next hero-explorers made them celebrities. The public reaction to the Apollo 1 fire demonstrated this.
 Quoting: Skeptic the First

So here I am running the Apollo Program. I could either do an about-face and try to fake the entire landing. Or I could find three OTHER guys to be the astronauts.

Wow. Who was in charge of your conspiracy here, Doctor Klaw?

So your argument is that 9 groups were compartmentalized and made "parts" that worked anyhow, but 1 group of the ten was in on the hoax and made a part that wouldn't work?
 Quoting: nomuse (not logged in) 2380183

Not necessarily. We don't know whether the LM design team was consciously party to the hoax. We only know that by 1969, when NASA was shockingly cancelling LM testing as "unnecessary," any LM engineer with a brain and a conscience should and would have publicly protested--unless he either approved of the hoax, or was threatened into silence.
 Quoting: Skeptic the First

Except that didn't happen.

The most you might be able to say is that three consecutive duplicate tests were scheduled but the first two went so well the third was considered un-necessary.

Every part that could be tested without actually landing men on the Moon, was tested without landing men on the Moon.

Since you are so hung up on specific meanings in language, I have to ask if "United States" and "Celestial Body" are both necessary and inclusive.
 Quoting: nomuse (not logged in) 2380183

Yes, we are speaking of the United States, not the alleged achievements of any other country. And yes, we are speaking of an actual landing on a celestial body with significant gravity and a safe takeoff and return therefrom, not unmanned launches that merely fly through space (perhaps collecting some dust) then fall back to earth.

The United States has never successfully accomplished a land-and-return mission, manned or unmanned. (Unless you count the "moon landings.")
 Quoting: Skeptic the First

Ooh, careful, you almost let a few probes slip by there. Better add a couple more conditions just to be safe.

Like Stardust.

So why in your opinion is the US unable to do what other nations have done? Or have you just not got around to declaring Luna (and others) fake as well?
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