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Message Subject My Husband Directed The Fake Moon Landing Says Stanley Kubrick's Widow.
Poster Handle nomuse (not logged in)
Post Content
So here I am running the Apollo Program. I could either do an about-face and try to fake the entire landing. Or I could find three OTHER guys to be the astronauts.
 Quoting: nomuse (not logged in) 2380183

Your hypothesis is that one or more moon landings actually did occur, but the personnel were expendable military men rather than the celebrity "astronauts." According to your hypothesis, then, one or more missions were carried out successfully; but any photos, videos, and interviews of the "astronauts" were a deception.

I agree that a sharp criminal investigator should consider your hypothesis along with others.
 Quoting: Skeptic the First

SImpler than that.

I am saying your supposed insurmountable barrier (the "Celebrity Astronaut" problem) could easily be overcome by a legitimate program. Or by a hoax, for that matter.

Oh, and not to mince words...they WERE expendable military men. Or, rather, the majority of the astronauts were test pilots. It was their occupation to go up in untested aircraft and a good third of them died doing it. We celebrate Chuck Yeager not because any idiot could have pressed a button and crossed the sound barrier in perfect safety and comfort, but because it was hard and he took the risk.

As a culture, we've celebrated the risk-takers. We are fascinated by mountain climbers, by those who explore the depths of the ocean (or who just going around sticking cameras in the faces of sharks). This was the astronauts; not just a bunch of guys who were famous for something they hadn't done yet -- but a bunch of guys who were willing to put their lives on the line to do something no-one had ever done before.

We were at that same time sending nice young men and women into a jungle to get shot at, and many of them ended up with their names in glossy magazines like LIFE -- right beside explicit photographs of they, or other people involved in the conflict of that region, dead or suffering horribly. It wasn't exactly hidden that people could DIE. And some were doing so in public view.

(And, you know, I'd vastly prefer to go out in a flash in a pad explosion, or even die slowly of suffocation in a marooned spacecraft, then bleed out into the muck of a rice paddy with a pungi-stick in my guts.)
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