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Message Subject My Husband Directed The Fake Moon Landing Says Stanley Kubrick's Widow.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Nearly every example of actual physical evidence in favor of Apollo can be "explained" in terms of unmanned landings -- equipment deployment, sample retrieval, etc. As B.A. notes, the engineering would be non-trivial and there is the whole concealment issue. But the better refutation is the fact that engineering an automated system to do something is generally much more difficult than engineering something for use by a human to do the same thing.

It's quite easy to engineer a lawn mower, for example, but much more difficult to engineer a lawn mower that can mow your lawn without direct human intervention.

This is absolutely crucial to the hoax argument because the hoax theory is based on the premise that it was easier to fake the landing that to accomplish it. If it's more difficult to fake than to do it, just do it.

And to address B.A.'s point, the notion that only the very few top officials at NASA knew of the hoax is ludicrous and expresses just how ignorant the the hoax believers are about engineering on a large scale. Do they really think it's credible to claim that Grumman built the lunar module without knowing whether or not it was capable of landing on the moon?

A lot of people seem to think that NASA just handed these companies finished blueprints and said, "Here, build this," and they happily built it without knowing whether it was capable of accomplishing the claimed task. Let's get real. Much of the real expertise in Apollo was in the companies NASA hired. That's why you see people at the launch pad in coveralls with "Boeing" or "North American" or "Bendix" or "Grumman" logos on their backs.

The notion that hundreds of thousands of highly-trained, consummately experienced people were duped into building useless and non-functional technology is highly incredible, as is the assertion that a shadow organization of commensurate size and expertise was formed to falsify all the evidence, and there is zero evidence of that organization today.
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