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Message Subject My Husband Directed The Fake Moon Landing Says Stanley Kubrick's Widow.
Poster Handle nzreva
Post Content
When I first became aware of the Moon Hoax theory I was as excited as everyone else that the evidence presented proved the images etc were faked and that it was impossible due to all the factors that are stated as being impossible to overcome and so on.
I strongly believe in having an Open Mind....and that to me means always Open to All possibilities. I've listened to those who explain the anomalies etc and some of these explanations seem reasonable also. I watched Mythbusters demonstrate the moving flag in no atmosphere...and so on.

I was kind of hovering mid way between hoax or true although I do think to pull a hoax like that would require so much effort and so many people to be part of it and would be so very difficult with the world watching!! Also, they may have done this once but would they really have risked the secret by pulling this hoax again..and again...and again..etc...no way!

Anyway, the final thing that convinced me that they did go to the moon ever time was a documentary...First On The Moon; the untold story. which I have recorded from the Science Discovery Channel. It shows all the things that went wrong and or nearly went wrong and explains all the things that were so risky and how they really nearly didn't make it. It has footage of ground control and in Apollo 11 from the time.

One of the things they reveal is that soon after launch they were followed by a UFO but they knew they couldn't refer to it as such and were later briefed never to discuss this incident. Then when they tried to sleep they did keep seeing flashes inside Apollo which were later identified as Z particles penetrating the capsule which they admit they still don't know long term effects on humans.

There is loads of facts given in this documentary and I strongly recommend watching it ...very interesting.
 Quoting: pinkpixiexx

I have not problem with events after the first moon landing, this thread is only dealing with the first supposedly moon landing. I have, as you watched and read for many years both sides, I know Nixon was a liar, and those that wanted this to happen for America, also lied about many issues, I will as of now still believe we did not go to the moon, Russia will be going, it will be interesting to know what they say....
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