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Vaccine Hoax: How the Globalist Controlled Medicine Industry Kills by Design

Rom. 3:31

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08/12/2012 08:18 PM

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Vaccine Hoax: How the Globalist Controlled Medicine Industry Kills by Design
[link to chrisinmaryville.net]

Vaccines being created now are done so with patented GMOs mixed with human DNA which creates broken information that are read by the cells of the body and directly translates to disease in the body.

The pandemic fear surrounds such genetically engineered bio-weapons such as the bird flu H5N1 that continually changes its make-up which is not a naturally occurrence. A propaganda study led by Ron Fouchier, professor from Erasmus Medical Center, researched which viruses would cause pandemics so that the pharmaceutical industry could get to work on focused vaccines and pressure governments to push them onto the general population.

Fouchier claimed that he proved H5N1 mutated naturally, although scientists analyzing the virus found that it is 3 different types of flu spliced together.

Global propaganda surrounding vaccine necessity is evident in the Peak Body Childcare Queensland that kept illegal files on unvaccinated children. According to Gwynn Bridge, Childcare Queensland’s chief executive, “Maintaining a current list of children who are not immunized is vital as these children must be excluded if there is any outbreak of a disease (that can be immunized against).”



The risk far outweighs any benefit as the risk will vary from child to child.