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Message Subject Pray the rosary!
Poster Handle Dr_Kynes
Post Content
You know how you can know a religion is false ?

It tries to: condemn everyone who doesn't beleive as they do

incorporate all things from a hodgepodge of religions and say they are "all true"

The Catholic church does both:

Condemns protestants like Luther,Calvin, etc and burns them at the stake or other such tortures to death

Or they incorporate all other religions:

How can a budhist, hindu, shintu, vodooist, animist, muslim, and jew all be caltholics. That is insane just as much as the catholic's persecution of protestants.

You can't have 1+1 = 2 and 1+1=3 It's confusion

Hail Mary's is just another confusion by a confused devil religion like catholicism. The bible honors mary but in no way says we are to pray to her.

Also....Jesus had brothers after the flesh and sisters. Mary had 8 children with her husband Joseph. This perpetual viginity of mary doctrine is Non-sense. Mary was just another human like you or me.....she was just a chosen vessel to carry the flesh of Jesus to term and raise him until he was "about His Father's work".
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