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Message Subject Pray the rosary!
Poster Handle wildhoney
Post Content
Jesus was a Jew, as well as his mother Mary. The bible clearly tells you to worship none other than God. It is a commandment. Mary is not part of the holy trinity. It is Father, Son, Holy Spirit even in Catholicism. As I was Catholic went to CCD every Sunday, had my confession and Communion. I know the Catholic church. I know they believe they are the only true church. I left because I began to question this very topic.

Hail Mary, full of grace. So I started wondering why I was Hailing Mary. Then I started to ponder kneeling before saints and praying to them as well. It's idolatry in my opinion.

I pray to God the father, and Jesus the son.
 Quoting: Rochelle

Rochelle, i am glad you came to your senses. I am Jewish, you're Gentile, and what we have in common is our believe in the bible, God and His Son Jesus. Even in my case you shouldn't accept my words at face value, that's why i provide bible verses so you can verify what i say. The catholics on the other hand don't care much about the bible. If i tell them that the rosary is not biblical but originated from hinduism (just check it), they tell me that it doesn't matter because the pope said so and he's always right. Perhaps when Rome (the woman on the beast) is destroyed they will come to their senses.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1229586

I absolutely beg to differ..

And the same would apply if He were born in Spain..I would be here saying that in my opinion He is not Spanish

Why? because HE is NOT a person..He is spirit made flesh

If He were a person..like you and me..sure..he is born in Spain or wherever..from Spanish blood..Spanish..of such and such a region

But to do so..in my opinion is to negate His Divinity..because He is Divine..of God....He is Universal..Intemporal..and Complete in Himself.
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