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Message Subject Pray the rosary!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
At the death of Christ..and after His Resurrection my opinion is that it wasnt only the followers that left Judea..it was actually a shift in power centre..Just as His most faithful followers left fearing persecution..and many to spread His word..many came to Rome..

From Rome His word flourished..it wasnt from Jerusalem

It was in Rome that the blood of the Martyrs for His Word watered the earth and made it ready to plant the seed

It was in Rome where Christianity as we know it was born

It was in Rome where Peter fled to

It was in Rome where Peter was Crucified

and it was in Rome that this had to happen..because Peter was leaving..and Christ stopped Him asking jim..Quo Vadis? Where are you going..(check out the little church and the imprint that is supposed to be from Christ..which I believe is fom Christ..that foot is far to big for anyone of that time in my opinion..or at least say 75% of the population)

why did He ask Quo Vadis? Because Peter had to return to Rome..he had to help and give strength to the CHristians dying ..being fed to the wild animals while singing and praying..some complete families..he had to be with them..


He had to die there


Because Rome became and is the centre of Christendom after Christs death and Resurrection in my opinion

and just as His church..or that which I and many believe is His church..was built where Peter was crucified..so to He will return..to Rome..I firmly believe this..NOT Jerusalem

It is and always was Rome..in my opinion

And that is where He will return

Praise God

So I firmly believe

why..? also because Jerusalem will be no more..I believ this..there will not remain a stone standing of Jerusalem..just my opinion..based on His words..that applied in my opinion..not to then..but to now..or so I believe..and not from an act of man..i.e.war..from from a natural event

Rome will be honored by His return

and the Martyrs that died for Him..

will have their just reward..
 Quoting: wildhoney

You seem to have a lot of opinions, too bad they are not supported by the bible. Whenever someone shows you that there's a discrepancy between the bible and the teachings of Rome, you just reply: "well, it was mistranslated" or "this is what i belief". Strangely enough you do believe everything that the catholic church teaches. For instance, you think that Peter met Jesus on the way to Rome, but according to the bible it occurred in Damascus.
You even believe that Jesus referred to Peter as the rock on which He would build the church. But if you had actually studied the Tanach (a.k.a. the Old Testament) you would immediately see that the 'rock' always refers to either God or Jesus. Mortals are never viewed as a rock, it's reserved exclusive for God and Jesus. With this in mind you understand that Peter didn't build the catholic church. If you don't believe me, just pray to God (not to Mary) and ask Him if the bible is His Word and if Jesus founded the catholic church. Being a Jew you may think that i may fool you, but surely God won't fool you. God created you and God will judge you one day, trust in Him and ask Him to be your guide. May the truth set you free.
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