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Message Subject Pray the rosary!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Beautiful testimony rose. Did you have difficulty
with the summit of the faith, believing in the most Holy

No, the Eucharist was not hard for me to accept. I suppose I had been "feeling Catholic" for so long, and had such soulful, beautiful preparation from my sponsor, the Sisters, and the Priests, that I was looking forward to the Holy Eucharist with an air of expectancy and joy. I had a few problems, prior to my confirmation of accepting the discipline of preparation...I wanted to be confirmed sooner..but I finally realized it would be happen when God was ready for me to accept the faith fully.

I had, besides my sponsor, the Sisters, and Priests, a soon-to-be sister-in -law who had been a Sister for about 20 years before leaving the convent and a future mother-in-law who lovingly taught me the Rosary, the prayers, the Stations of the Cross etc. It was a very intense period in my life and my confirmation was followed by my marriage, in the Church, to the man of my dreams. He was a cradle Catholic and had been schooled by the Jesuits...so, we had this great love and great faith between us as we prepared for both marriage and my confirmation. And, in the Church, I have found peace: although I have my questions, and my doubts, and my temptations. So far, 13 years, of being a practicing Catholic has given me more than words can say.
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I wish before the Great Warning but probably not, if only we could convince our non-Catholic brothers and sisters of the "grace" given in #1, receiving the most Holy Eucharist. #2, Confession and #3, Mary's help.

Your sharing about desiring the Sacraments sooner, reminded
me of St. Imelda's story. She is a most beautiful incorrupt saint, see the photo. And notice the year she died!

[link to www.catholicapologetics.info]

thanks! Mary
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