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Message Subject Pray the rosary!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Messianic Judaism is part of Protestantism!? LOL, are you serious? Catholicism was established in the 4th century, Protestantism in the 15th century by Luther, Messianic Judaism erected in the 1st century. The followers of Jesus were all Jews and believed in Him as the Messias, that's the concept of messianic Judaism!
Where did you get the idea that the bible is a catholic book? It's written by Jewish people, it's about Jewish people. Jesus and Mary went to the synagogue on saturday, does that make them Jews or catholics? Jesus said Himself: "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Torah" (Matthew 5:17), how does the Torah compare to the catholic doctrines? In fact, by studying the Torah you'll see that the catholicism is nothing other than paganism.
One more thing: the Jews didn't kill Jesus, He was supposed to die a horrible death. By his death He atoned for the sins of mankind. This is the bible 101.
You want to debate about Jewish issues with a Jewish person by using a Jewish book; you're destined to loose.
Btw, isn't it weird that catholicism nor catholics is not mentioned in the bible, not even once?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1229586

Messianic Judaism is a recent Protestant sect, mixing mostly profession of Protestant heresies and using a few Old Testament terms to sound pious. You can't mix the belief of heretics AND those to this day who deny Christ. It doesn't work.

Anyone, if they take even a moment realizes there are libraries full of early Church history. One sentence does not cut it, sorry. Protestantism came along, the revolt happened October 31, 1517, sixteen centuries after Christ established His Church. The transmission of the faith was given to the Apostles by Christ. Peter was the first earthly leader of the Church, the RCC. There is "apostolic succession" which is unbroken and a hierarchy to the Church. Christ's plan. The Bible is a Catholic book compiled in the fourth century, the Canon, determined by Pope Damasus. Jesus said to Peter in making Peter head of the Church (Matt 16:18), Satan will not overcome My Church. The evil one keeps trying but has failed, Jesus' promise.

Get ready for the worst persecution, similar to the first Christians, coming soon. The anti-Christ will try to abolish the most Holy Eucharist, this is the Abomination of Desolation. Before this all happens, God is going to enlighten the entire world (Rev 6:15-17), all souls, revealing His plan, His love. You can't say after this divine awakening, you do not know the Truth.

God bless you Ac 12295.. hf
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