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E-Cig Vap'ing and the FDA

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User ID: 21535483
United States
08/12/2012 10:03 PM
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E-Cig Vap'ing and the FDA
If you have not used an E-cig or one of the new larger like the eGo your missing out. They are amazing, if you do know anything about them, you know the FDA is playing it's normal games, but here is what i think will happen. See if you agree.

So here is what I think they are going to do....

1. Tax it (duh!!!) the tax will be almost as high as analogs- This will not stop vapors, id pay as much or more as I did as a smoker to vap.

2. Ban internet sells- This will hurt it as a hobby but will increase the amount of "vapor" stores in operation.

3. Ban foreign imports- I have mixed emotions about this, I dont like foreign e-liquid but I love the equipment and price that comes out of chine.

4. Restrict it to only those +18- Good!!!!!!

5. Ban Flavors- OMG!!!! This is the one that scares me, but I think it will not have much of a punch.... places will just sell base liquid and flavor drops....... until the FDA bans the combination, but no clue how they could do that.

The E-liquid is way to easy to make, so I dont think big tobacco will hurt us much, their products will suck and we will Vap on

They cant ban Nicotine, or regulate it as a controlled substance.... so I think vap'ing will have time to grow and our lobby will get larger as big tobacco slowly dies.

So... do you all agree, or am i wrong
Cheswolf (OP)

User ID: 21535483
United States
08/12/2012 10:28 PM
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Re: E-Cig Vap'ing and the FDA
Many smokers have made the switch and many are staying quit. This scares the crap out of many groups, and this is a real conspiracy unlike most GLP stuff. Big tobacco hates it, because they are losing customers and its very easy to produce. The FDA hates it, because most of their funding comes from smoking cessation groups (drug companies). Drug companies hate it because E-cigs cut into their production of stop smoking drugs and also have very few known health effects witch hurts them baddy.. imagine if the huge population of smokers didn't get smoking related illness that they treat. The state,local and federal government hates them because there is a risk to tax revenue. The only people who like it are those who quit smoking, and those of us who enjoy vap'ing. That is a conspiracy and it is a deep one.

So we find a real way to improve the health of millions, and create a new industry and they HATE IT!!!!!!!
Prodlike Goductions

User ID: 68427582
04/03/2015 10:30 AM

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Re: E-Cig Vap'ing and the FDA
i bought a vape stick on monday. havent had a real cigarette since.


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