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Message Subject Mars Rover Spots UFO on Mars
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Can someone enlighten me on why the Curiosity rover would need a four day software update? I mean why wouldn't it have been sent with everything it needed from the start. Has technology advanced that much since they launched it? I guess I've never really paid attention, but I don't recall other rovers and satellites requiring an update so soon. Just trying to wrap my mind around this one.
 Quoting: curious curiosity 18712859

First off, when they sent it there is was only sent with limited software, and because it takes a long time to get there they need to update it to current date..

that's all and because it is so far away it takes time, they send an update wait for it to get there then they send test to see if it made it then they have to wait for the rover to send back the confirmations.
So in short they have to do this with every single 1..

that's why it takes so long..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12774950

I dont think so. couldnt they send it like a torrent. in small packets. and it just grabs what it can until it gets 100% then send a confirmation?

why send a few packets then wait for a return signal.... SLOW!!!
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