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Dreamed of Major Highway Bridge Collapse, Then Aliens

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User ID: 20438376
United States
08/13/2012 08:27 PM

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Dreamed of Major Highway Bridge Collapse, Then Aliens
I dreamed of a portion of the road buckling, as if either by flood or earthquake. No one was hurt, but they had a lot of police officers guarding the road. Then, as I went further, I could see a long bridge going over water. I want to say it was I35, because I'm familiar with it.

The highways sort of seesawed back and forth, then suddenly it buckled piece by piece. I could only see the top part, so I hurried down to the water below, and hundreds of people started to bob up from the water. There was a lot of hollering, and a bunch of people dove into the water to save those that fell; even a film crew was there for the news. I started to take pictures with my phone, and suddenly the picture had the silhouette of an angry alien coming straight for me, and I could see there were suddenly hundreds more. It was very thin, arms were overly long. Head was just a mass of anger.

I suddenly felt we were all being gassed and the gas subdued us. I tried to reach any human hand for some reason, just to hang on. The hand then turned into an alien hand, and I woke up.

Hopefully there won't be a bridge collapse, and since there's not a lot of rain around, perhaps it was an earthquake..
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