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Message Subject FREEMASONS ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poster Handle Itchy Who?
Post Content
My oh my, didn't you learn the rules ? Never send a stranger to go buy weed with your money...and i'm sure that has nothing to do with freemasonry laugh
 Quoting: Itchy Who?

You right bruh I just wasn't thinking clearly I ain't burned in a month and I wasn't Thinking at the time, was impatient, and being to cool not thinking that damn I need to see the greens for I give this guy my cash, patience is a virtue.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21907357

I know what you mean, weed is a bitch ;) but my experiences told me, that mostly post-smoker can be assholes (if they run low on money) but a funny coincidence that is was a freemason.
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