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Good and evil

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 4629884
United Kingdom
08/14/2012 04:43 PM
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Good and evil
If you choose good, does that kill off evil?
If you choose evil, does that kill off good?
If you choose god, does that kill off devil?
If you choose devil, does that kill off god?

They say one can't exist without the other, is that really true?

Does that mean, if we choose good/god it destroys all evil/devil the very thing that teaches us about life?

Does that mean, if we choose evil/devil all good will disappear thus leaving you in your own hell, which might be great for you since you want it so much?

Must we stay balanced in all this and let the dark teach us, go through the pain in order to learn?

If we must stay balanced, then good and bad are both the same, in which case the bad we're expected to go through has to happen? maybe none of it has to happen at all? Is the balance realizing it all and preventing neither outcome?

Evil helped teach you, is evil really that bad?
Will we stop learning if only good exists?
Do they really need to relate?
Do we really need to choose sides?

Does it all just come down to... Just being?

What are your thoughts? i hope i am clear.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 21927418
08/14/2012 05:17 PM
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Re: Good and evil
choose yourself !
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 13479329
08/14/2012 05:25 PM
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Re: Good and evil
Salvation is from duality.